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Everybody doesn't have an innovative idea. The person who has an innovative idea, creativity, hunger to do something special will definitely do it. If you want to be someone special, you need to do something special. In this highly populated world 99.9% are common men and rarely 0.1% are special ones, who are the leaders in their respective fields, because they have not only done something special since their childhood itself but keep on doing so. A creative man who thinks extraordinary, is motivated by a desire to achieve highest degree of his goal, and when a student thinks in this way with a possessive mind to be an IITian, he not only cracks the most competitive JEE but scores high rank. When you ask creative people how they did something different, they feel a little guilty because they have not really done it, but they just saw something and then it seems obvious to them after a while. That's why they were able to connect their experience they had and synthesize new thing “Always do your best. what you plant now, you will harvest later” are the words of the great American author “Og Mandino” to which you can relate yourself. As today's practice, today's motivation can enrich you with such a potential that no one else possesses and you better know the meaning of having extraordinary potential within yourself.

Er. Rishi Kr. Jha

Founder and Chief Mentor