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Why to Join IPEC

With augmentation in the competition level , coaching centres have got a big boost. One can find coaching centres in every nook and corner these days. Teachers and parents have equally promoted their growth and a large number of students are admitted to these coaching centres each year to fulfil their dreams of entering a prestigious college. But are these coaching centres the appropriate choice to make when the question is directly related to your career ? Most of these coaching institutes boast of guaranteed success rate and publish inflated numbers every year in leading newspapers and magazines. Education is a natural process of learning that should not be forced upon the students. In the era of cut-throat competition, coaching centres have become a necessity and a large percentage of students each year get into IITs from them. Joining a coaching centre should certainly be one of the top priorities if cracking JEE is the primary goal. If not, there isn't much need to join these coaching institutes as other exams can be cracked without their assistance. The level of IIT-JEE is much critical and complex than other exams and one does require professional assistance to bridge the gap between the two levels. But the most important thing is to analyze one's ability before jumping on to the bandwagon. You need to ask yourself the question, whether you will be able to cope up with the simultaneous pressure of preparing for entrance exams along with board exams ? Many students overestimate themselves and join these institutes and end-up in messing up with their daily routine. IPEC rejects such students who do not perform well in its various admission tests such as IQPT (IPEC Quantum Potential Test), IRST (IPEC Right Stuff Test), IEMT (IPEC Explosive Mind Test) & ISAT (IPEC Scholastic Aptitude Test) conducted every year and thus, doesn't fool the students and the guardian just for the sake of money. IPEC is set with a belief that to get the best results, no compromise should be done with the quality. IPEC not only provides professional teachers but also the necessary material required for preparation. More importantly it provides a competitive environment to study. Regular exams are conducted to help the students evaluate themselves in a regular basis. These conditions cannot be simulated in the school where the method of teaching is completely different. Numerical solving techniques that save time are the true essence of IPEC. Many coaching centers take advantage of the situation and charge high amount of fees and sometimes provide sub-standard teachers to the students. Thus, choosing the right institute is of prime importance and the decision should not be taken in haste. Talk to the students already studying in IPEC and you will get to know about the quality of education that is being provided to them as well as their current satisfaction level.